C. Christine Petrucci

Photo of C. Christine Petrucci

C. Christine Petrucci

Director, Founder, Music Theory, N.C.T.M., Piano

Christine Petrucci has a Master of Music Education Degree from UMass Lowell, Piano Major and is a Nationally Certified Teacher of Piano. She has studied with Jeannette Giguere, Ethel Hutchinson Russell, Margaret Chaloff, Mihae Lee and Randal Hodgkinson. She has been a professional accompanist for soloists, dance companies, choral groups, church organizations, and theatrical groups in Massachusetts and New Hampshire. She taught General Music Classes, Music Theory, and organized a boy’s Jr. High School Chorus in the Chelmsford, MA public schools and the Boys Club in Greater Lowell, MA.

While in high school and college, Christine played bass guitar, keyboard, trumpet, and vocals in an all-girl rock band “The Empires” who toured throughout New England. Later she performed as singer, trumpet and Flugelhorn player, and keyboardist with “The Works” and “Nightclass”. She continues to perform as a collaborative pianist, jazz singer, and loves her current role as pianist and singer with the Deep Blue C Studio Orchestra, under the direction of David “Doc” Vose.

In 2001, Christine founded Seacoast Academy of Music in North Hampton, NH. She is currently Director of School and teaches performance workshops, master classes, music theory and private piano to students ages 8 – 80+! As an active member of NHMTA, her students participate in festivals, competitions, and annual student evaluations.

Teaching is my vocation. Every piano lesson is an opportunity to welcome creativity and innovation, while encouraging students to practice with purpose and curiosity. Solid practice techniques allow students to play with ease and confidence. When students engage discovery mode, a deeper learning occurs which welcomes hard work so they may go beyond the basic understanding of musical components, form, and patterns. They learn to feel the music. We regularly devote time in lessons to drill basic piano techniques, listen to music, develop repertoire they love to play and explore music theory. Improvisational techniques and opportunities have a place in every lesson. We also maintain awareness and learn to appreciate the composers, their lives, and times.

As a life-long performing musician, I continuously find immense gratification and a sense of purpose in sharing my craft. Therefore, I encourage my students to do the same.