Ensembles & Classes

PIP - Partners In Performance Class

$30-65 depending on level • Dates to be determined

These classes are coaching sessions for students who are preparing to perform a specific piece of music together in duet or trio collaborations. The class level will be determined by the music being performed. Classes will contain performance preparation, collaboration techniques and artistry, stylistic and music theory concepts and an awareness of composer / history.

Music Theory Express

8 Classes • Every Other Tuesday • September 12 through December 19 • 6:15-7:00 pm • $216, $200 for existing SAM students.
Ages 12 – Adult

Theory Express is a quick-paced and enjoyable class to reinforce basic music theory principles. Selected musical examples will be a combination of teacher’s choice or from pieces students bring into the class for a closer look. The Circle of 5ths will be one of our main references and, of course, we will explore a variety of cadences, authentic or otherwise. Perfect for students who have played for a few years, at a playing or knowledge level 3 -5 and want to catch the express to deeper musical understanding. 

All instruments and vocalists are welcome!