Upcoming Attraction

Piano Teachers from New Hampshire Seacoast Local NHMTA: Lori Bennett, Adrienne Starrs, Christine Petrucci, Guest Speaker and Composer Dianne Gooklasian Rahbee, Meagan Maganti and Becky Hartglass

On Saturday, November 16, SAM Piano Teachers Adrienne Starrs and Christine Petrucci will present  “Piano Fest and Workshops” inspired by composer Dianne Goolkasian-Rahbee. Ms Rahbee’s original and enthralling approach to creative thinking at the piano is suitable for students at all levels of playing – and so much fun! In her own words ”The excitement of running my fingers over the keys in fascinating patterns of color and sound and exploring my imagination continues to give me immense pleasure. Developing a piano technique is disciplined brain and finger training similar to the kind necessary when one participates in an Olympic gymnastic sport; the more you practice, the better you become!” SAM teachers Ernie Houle and Ryan Sullivan will also be assisting (and student role-playing) for everyone’s learning enjoyment.


Sessions run from 10am – 11:45 and 12:15 – 2pm
Students may select morning or afternoon only  $15 or full workshop for $25.
Visiting Teachers who wish to audit this event $10.

Seacoast Academy of Music at Centennial Hall
105 Post Road
North Hampton, NH 03862

Pre- registration necessary until spaces are full.
For more information visit www.seacoastacademyofmusic.org or call 603-964-3660