Thursday Evening Spring Series at SAM begins March 3rd

Beginning on March 3rd, we’ll be offering a series of new classes at SAM. The dates and details for dates in March are as follows. We hope you will join us for one or more of these exciting new offerings.

March 3, 6 – 7:00pm • Bach to Jazz – in Theory and Sound

Presented by Christine Petrucci, $10

Did you ever think about why Bach’s music sounds so distant, yet familiar? Have you been drawn into jazz and then heard something just like it in the music of J.S. Bach? Ah, good musical ears! In this class, Christine Petrucci and a few students will demonstrate the similarities found in select keyboard pieces of J.S. Bach and 20th and 21st C Jazz Masters. Sure to be lively and fun discoveries and discussion.

March 10, 5:30 – 6:45pm • Performance Prep Classes

Presented by Susan Consoli & Christine Petrucci, $10

In this confidence-building class, students will be performers and teachers offering constructive criticism and helping each other perform to the best of their abilities.

Along with guidance from Susan Consoli and Christine Petrucci, students will perform a piece and have a mini discussion about such things as phrasing, breath support, diction, dynamics, musical expression, and stage presence. It is always a great opportunity to run through a piece with supportive listeners prior to a performance.

March 17, 6:00pm • The Ups and Downs of Guitar Picking Technique

Presented by Jake Smith, $10

Have you ever been playing the guitar and had the feeling that your pick was tripping over the strings? This class is all about giving you tools to solve that very problem! We’ll look at some strategies that you can use to improve your picking technique right away! Topics include picking angles, alternate picking, sweep picking, economy picking, and picking strategies to be used with pentatonic scales. Feel free to bring your guitar!

March 24, 6:00pm • Learning New Music – an Adventure, not a Task

Presented by Adrienne Starrs, $10

Could your practice space use some invigorating new strategies? In this class we will explore and discover, in an interactive environment, new techniques for learning new repertoire. You will walk away with the ability to invite IMPROVISATION as a regular habit and practice benefit.