Stay Healthy this Winter!

Tips from SAM Teacher, Rachel Pantazis

It’s that time of year once more! The sky gets darker, the wind gets colder, and everything is blanketed in white, fluffy stuff. We also tend to get horrible colds despite the fact that we’re supposed to be dancing around in a Christmas Wonderland. Well SAM Musicians, we have some tricks of the trade to keep you healthy enough to be coming to lessons even in the most brutal winters imaginable! Though we hope it won’t come to that.

Rachel Pantazis goes to a certified herbalist who prescribes a mixture called “elderberry syrup.” This syrup can be purchased at health food stores as well but she likes that she knows where the syrup is coming from. She buys a mason jar full of syrup every few weeks and everyone in her family takes 2 tsp. of it a day. But when they’re sick, they take 2 or 3 doses a day to help make their colds go away. Elderberry has immune building powers and this particular syrup could be the thing to stop your winter colds!

If you do get sick, there are two cough drop brands I love: Slippery Elm, which you can purchase at any A Market or health food store, and Fisherman’s Friend which can be purchased at any Rite Aide. I also indulge in local, raw honey especially when I have a sore throat. The honey you can buy at the supermarket in the little bear jar may not be real honey at all so beware! A spoonful of fresh, locally bought, raw honey is a great antidote to a scratchy throat.

But mostly, continue washing your hands throughout the day! Carrying some hand sanitizer and washing your hands could be the difference between a healthy you and a sick you. Give your body a chance to rest so you’ll be performance ready in any capacity. Cheers to your good health!


Centennial Hall Jazz Band

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  • Zach Lange’s Centennial Hall Jazz Band is looking for additional players! You could not ask for a better bandmaster than this talented guy! A graduate of Western Michigan University, Zach is an experienced jazz improvisationalist, music arranger, and conductor. He plays the guitar, bass guitar, baritone horn, piano but first and foremost, the trumpet. Zach performs regularly with The Soggy Po’ Boys, Sojoy, and several other combinations of Seacoast talented musicians.
  • The SAM jazz band meets at 7:00pm at Centennial Hall on Monday nights. Zach teaches students about chord progressions, jazz harmonies, and the execution of a good improvised solo in a jazz band setting. Last year the Jazz Band recorded a CD of original tracks as well as original arrangements of jazz standards. They played at the Grill 28 Restaurant Restaurant at Pease and will be performing once again at Sonny’s Tavern in Dover. Interested new members should be 12 years of age or older and have passed beginner status on their instrument(s).


Upcoming Student Programs: 94e246d2-5802-41fe-8a4b-328067314913

Saturday, October 31 Celtic Fiddling with Scott Hafferkamp

Sunday, November 1, “Spooky Suzuki” strings at Webster at Rye. students of Laura King, Stephen Poirier, Lucy Fillery-Murphy accompanied by piano students of Christine Petrucci.

Saturday, November 7, Piano students of Adrienne Starrs travel to Concord, NH to participate in NHMTA Fall Festival

Sunday, November 15, Students of Christine Petrucci and Adrienne Starrs perform in an honors recital sponsored by NHMTA-Seacoast Local


Prepping Your Student Performer

One of the key elements to preparing your son or daughter as a performer is in taking them to see other performers in their area. By doing so, you open your student up to advantages in knowing where to push their craft forward, seeing their type of performance exhibited, and giving them more connections in your area. Music conservatories often give their students a quota of live performances they must see a semester that is included in their private lesson grades. The good news for you is that the seacoast has a great following for its cultural opportunities!

If you’re looking for a place to take your student singer, actor, pianist, violinist, drummer, trumpeter, or cross-over performer, check out the production of Oliver! at the Seacoast Repertory Theatre this winter. Shows start the weekend of November 13th and continue all the way up to December 20th! Show your pianist what it could look like to play in a pit band, have your son or daughter audition for their children’s shows next year, and they can see kids their own age playing the accompaniment for the production right onstage in the middle of the action!

Take the opportunities that arise in our area in the arts. By doing so, you help fund some incredible performers in your region and help to inspire your own child to express themselves creatively in working to become a stronger musician! Anytime you see an event our students should know about on the seacoast, post on our Facebook wall! We want to know what our students are excited about in the arts.