What are music and movement classes for mixed preschool ages?

Classes are made up of 6-12 children, ages 6 months- 5 years, each child accompanied by a parent or caregiver.  These classes build on the child’s natural enthusiasm for music and movement. They help to provide children with the basic musical skills not only needed to enjoy social and school musical activities, but more importantly, to make his/her own music.

Classes are organized in 8 weekly, 45-minute classes and include songs, rhythm chants, movement, and instrument play.  These activities are presented as informal, non-performance oriented musical experiences and are developmentally appropriate for children and are accessible for parents and caregivers regardless of their own musical ability.

The music is presented through a variety of musical activities which incorporate:

  • Fun, playful, interactive ways to focus on tonal and rhythmic elements of music
  • Small and large movement
  • Free, expressive dance
  • Instrumental accompaniment (egg shakers, drums, various rhythm instruments and sticks)
  • Use of props (scarves, balls etc.)
  • Opportunities for improvisation by children as well as parents


Music and movement classes have a characteristic flow which allows for various ages to all participate and make music together, each at his/her own level.  Children and caregivers have the privilege of experiencing and creating music together while aiding in age appropriate musical development.

Next session begins April 15 at noon – call today for a free class to decide if they are right for you!