Musical Groups & Workshops

Partners In Performance Class PIP

These classes are coaching sessions for students who are preparing to perform a specific piece of music together in duet or trio collaborations. The class level will be determined by the music being performed. Classes will contain performance preparation, collaboration techniques and artistry, stylistic and music theory concepts and an awareness of composer/ history.

  • Any instruments and all ages are allowed.
  • Early intermediate – advanced levels of playing.
  • Music pre-selected by teacher/students with parts available for all.
  • Students need to learn their individual parts with private teacher.
  • Private teacher(s) must recommend student for the class.

PIP Level 1           $45

  • Two 30 minute coaching sessions
  • One Performance  (live or pre-recorded)

PIP   Level 2          $65

  • Three 30 minute coaching sessions
  • One Performance (live or pre-recorded)

PIP Brush-up       $30

for students who have previously taken Level 1 and/or 2 and simply need one 40 min coaching session before up-coming performance

Teacher: Christine Petrucci and/or other SAM Faculty members, depending upon most appropriate for each student collaboration.

Time to be determined by teacher and participating students

Theory & History Performance Repertoire

Students will gain knowledge of the history of the music they’re studying while deepening their music theory.  A highlight will be the opportunity to perform and be encouraged by others performances.

Ten 45-minute Zoom sessions, meeting on Mondays at 5pm.- $170
Instructors: Laura King and Zoia Bologovsky

Super Beats
Introduction to Electronic Music with Jake Smith

This course will give students the basic skills to begin creating music electronically, often referred to as “beat making”. During this course, students will work towards being able to write and produce a full instrumental song. Skills covered will include program set-up, drum/percussion programming, basic effects, using the mixer, and creating harmonic and melodic parts using MIDI instruments and synthesizers.  Hear the music of Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande, Ed Sheeran, and Billie Eilish the soundtracks to Stranger Things and Broadway Musicals like Hamilton. Now you can learn how to compose our own electronic music at a fraction of the price!

Equipment Needed:
· laptop, see teacher for recommended free software.
· MIDI Keyboard. Akai MPKmini keyboard ($99), but any electronic keyboard with MIDI capabilities will work fine for this course.

Requirements include basic computer skills, understanding of quarter notes, eighth notes, triplets, and sixteenth notes. For students 12 and older.

Ten 50-minute Zoom sessions – $300

Ukulele by Donation with Jamie Sokolowski

Skill Level: Open to Everyone, No Musical Experience Required

An instructional and performing ukulele group for adults to come together, sing, and have fun playing everything from folk songs to popular hits. Open to all skill levels regardless of ability to read music.

Ten 60-minute sessions on Tuesdays at 4pm. – $100
Drop-ins welcome for $14 per session

Decrescendo Time For Young Children & Parents

Come in your pajamas for a relaxing introduction to piano, violin, ukulele, and rhythm instruments for children ages four to six. Parents will join in for a soothing class finale led by instructors Jamie Sokolowski and Chris Milner. Bring yoga mats. Musical instruments will be provided.

Eight 40-minute sessions on Tuesdays at 6:30pm. – $120

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