Taylor Blankenship, Our Newest Teacher!

Taylor is completing her bachelor’s degree in English. She has a degree in Music and Education, at the University of New Hampshire and is fluent performing musician on both Viola and Piano where she studied with Mimi Bravar, Arlene Kies, Christopher Kies, Sivan Etedgee. She has also taught through the University of New Hampshire Piano Extension, Youth Symphony and String Project programs.


Taylor will be setting up her private piano and viola studio at SAM starting February, 2016. She believes all students should learn the artistry of music through private study, ensemble playing, and observation of performing artists of all genres. She is also well versed as a collaborative pianist.

Taylor hopes to provide her students with the tools to help themselves find passion in music, art and knowledge. Aside from music, Taylor loves a good outdoor adventure, cooking, and antiquing.