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Registration:  The academic year  is divided into two 16 week semesters – fall and spring.  A flexible summer session is also offered.  Registration from fall to spring is automatic.  Instruction is not offered on a week to week basis; new students are welcomed throughout the year, space permitting with prorated pricing.  Late registrants must pay tuition in full at time of registration.  Online registration is encouraged at

Payments:  An annual non-refundable registration of $35 ($50 maximum per family) will be charged with the fall semester or when a new student enrolls.  Tuition for each semester is payable in full upon registration. Online payments are encouraged; checks are also accepted.

A 2-Pay is available for full semester private lessons.  The first payment is due at registration and the remainder is due October 15th for fall and March 4th for spring semester.  There is a $20 charge each semester for this option due with the first payment.

Paying On-line:  To make a credit/debit card payment on our website click the paypal button on any page.  Enter the amount you are paying in the item price box. You don't need a paypal account to use this feature.

Non-payment:  SAM reserves the right to withhold lessons if payment is not received when due. Lessons may resume when payment is received abiding by the terms below in Student Absence and Makeups.

Refunds / Withdrawals:  Applies to PRIVATE LESSONS ONLY.  SAM always seeks to make an appropriate match between instructor and student. The request for refund should be addressed to the Director and must be received in writing before the third week of the term.  Refunds for tuition will be given less a 10% service charge.  No refunds, credits or makeups will be given for individual absences in group classes, ensembles or workshops.

Student Absence and Makeups: Students are charged for all lessons for which they register, including those missed through student absence.  Private lesson students are allowed ONE excused absence per semester and ONLY if the teacher is notified 24 hours in advance. No lesson credits or refunds will be issued due to student absences. All rescheduling is done between the student and teacher not the SAM office. There are no make-ups for Semi-Private, Group or Ensembles.  Make-up lessons missed by a student for any reason will not be rescheduled or refunded.  All teacher absences or cancellations by the academy are considered makeup worthy.

Private lessons are available with the following teachers:

Piano: Adrienne Starrs, Christine Petrucci, Elizabeth Poore, Rebecca Austin


Jazz Arranging: Zach Lange


Guitar, Bass Guitar: Jake Smith, Cyndy Carlton, Zach Lange, Tj Wheeler
Mandolin, Banjo: Tj Wheeler
Ukulele: Cyndy Carlton, Tj Wheeler
Violin, Viola: Laura Cassinari King, Stephen Poirier
Cello: Lucy Fillery, Stephen Poirier


Trumpet, Baritone Horn, French Horn: Zach Lange
Trombone: Cyndy Carlton


Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone: Jon Ludwig, Jamie Sokolowski, Chris Milner
Drum Set: Zach Lange


Voice: Rachel Pantazis, Adrienne Starrs


Music Theory: Zach Lange, Christine Petrucci, Lucy Fillery


Music Composition: Lucy Fillery


Semi-Private Lessons are available with the following teachers:

Laura Cassinari King, Stephen Poirier, Cyndy Carlton, Jamie Sokolowski, Adrienne Starrs, Tj Wheeler


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SAM offers private music lessons to students of all ages and abilities in piano, voice, violin, viola, cello, double bass, flute, clarinet, saxophone, oboe, bassoon, guitar, bass guitar, trumpet, trombone, French horn, ukulele, banjo and music theory. (Instruments not listed may be added if there is sufficient interest).SAM Private Lesson Program consists of 16 weekly lessons per semester (30, 45 or 60 minutes) and may include informal performance workshops, master classes and discounts to SAM and other musical performances, semester progress reports and student recitals

Department Master Classes and Workshops may occur, at each teacher’s discretion in lieu of a private lesson so students can enjoy learning with and performing for their peers in a relaxed setting.

Student recitals are regularly scheduled at SAM and at other Seacoast area locations. Although performances are not mandatory, we encourage our students to participate in these events as part of the total musical education experience. Six Week Trial Option is a private lesson program offered for one time only to new students. This program is designed to help those who need a little time to decide whether they are ready to commit to their music study on a more permanent basis. The six weeks must be consecutive and there are no extensions or makeup lessons. If the student wishes to continue through the semester, then the tuition shall be pro-rated


Sometimes new students want to begin lessons with a friend or a sibling. They may find it less formal and intimidating than the private lesson track. For this reason we offer semi- private lessons for beginners in most instruments. The semester contains 16 lessons and consists of two students. No makeups except for teacher absence or school cancellation.


The Suzuki method was founded by Dr. Shinichi Suzuki in Japan. While thinking how to teach a colleague’s young son to play the violin he realized all Japanese children easily speak Japanese, a highly complex language. In fact all children learn their mother tongue effortlessly through listening, imitation, and repetition. His conclusion was that children could also learn music this way if taught with love and dedication.
“Character first, ability second”, became his motto in developing fine character rather than just the mastering of a musical instrument. Traditional note reading is added to the Suzuki foundation as each child’s individual development of character and ability is mastered.

Parent / Child Beginner Violin Group Classes with Laura King

These weekly classes are for beginning students ages 4-5. Parents accompany student and learn along with them to reinforce learning at home. Each 45 minute class will focus on developing musicality and learning how to properly hold and play the violin. Group activities and games both teach and reinforce learning. Minimum of three children required for class.
Wednesdays 12:15 – 1:00 pm, 16 – 45 minute classes $416 – 1 child, $576 – 2 children in same family. 

All String Ensembles are open to Violin, Viola, Cello and Bass players.  Teacher should aid students in determining which group is appropriate for them.  

Beginner ensemble:  this group is for those in the beginning stages of note reading.  They will explore activities learning to play harmony.

Intermediate ensemble:  this is for students with a mastery of note reading in first position and grasp of basic rhythms.

Advanced ensemble:  this is for advanced students reading complicated rhythms and notes in first through third positions.

Adult ensemble:  this is a beginner group for adult students.


Suzuki Strings Level 1 with Laura King

For students who are playing pre-Twinkles through Etude. (book 1a:)
Saturday 10:30-11:00am, 4-30 minute classes Feb 4, Mar 4, Apr 8, May 6 $80 (existing SAM students $72) 

Suzuki Strings Level 2 with Laura King

For students  playing Minuet 1 through book 2. (book 1b-bk2:)
Saturday 11:00-11:30am, 4-30 minute classes Feb 4, Mar 4, Apr 8, May 6 $80 (existing SAM students $72) 

Fiddle Class for students Level 2 and up with Laura King

For students currently Level 2 and up.
Saturday 11:30-12:00am, 4-30 minute classes Feb 4, Mar 4, Apr 8, May 6 $80 (existing SAM students $72) 

Cello Ensemble by Donation with Richard Hsin Hou Sun

An exploration of many musical styles from the classics to folk tunes, ragtime, Latin sambas and jazz. Cellists will have the opportunity to play melodic solos and build their skills in harmony and accompaniment. One year of prior cello study is required.
Fridays 6:00-7:00pm, 4 – 60 minute classes Feb 24, Mar 31, May 5, May 26 

Beginner String Ensemble for violin, viola and cello with Stephen Poirier

This class is for beginning string students who are beginning to read music. Harmonies are explored through a wide variety of music and styles. Musicianship is developed through the exploration of harmonies as well as group performance.
Thursdays 6:00-7:00pm, 7 – 60 minute classes  Feb 16, Mar 9, Mar 23, Apr 6, Apr 20, May 11, May 25 $136.50 (existing SAM students $122.50) 

Intermediate String Ensemble for violin, viola and cello with Stephen Poirier

This class is for students who can read music in first through third positions. Harmonies are explored through a wide variety of music and styles. Musicianship is developed through the exploration of harmonies as well as group performance.
Thursdays 7:00-8:00pm, 6 – 60 minute classes Mar 9, Mar 23, Apr 6, Apr 20, May 11, May 25 $117 (existing SAM students $105) $105) 

Fiddle Programs with Liz Faiella

Special Package Program: 30 minute private lessons, 4 pack. Choose your half hour between 3:00-5:00pm, first come, first serve $150

Fridays Feb 17, Mar 10, Apr 14 and May 12 – 4 spots only!

Fiddle lesson & Group class – 4 one hour classes

Explore the beauty and fun of fiddling. Fiddler Liz Faille will share techniques of traditional fiddling, including bowing, ornamentation, and backup, while delving into tunes from a variety of traditions such as Celtic, New England, and Old-Time. Plus: don’t fear learning by ear.  Students will pick up tips and tricks for learning fiddle tunes without sheet music.

Fridays 5:00 – 6:00pm, Feb 17, Mar 10, Apr 14 and May 12; $90 (existing SAM students $80)

Community Fiddling by Donation – Drop in and Donate!

Pay as you go and what you can.

Fridays 6:30 – 7:30pm, Feb 17, Mar 10, Apr 14 and May 12

SAM Jazz Band with Zach Lange

Last Season’s “SAM Jazz Bandits” took their show on the road and will continue by reading through more great charts from the standard jazz repertoire and more performances. Students will continue working with chord progressions, jazz harmonies and improvisation. Learn how to play a creative and tasteful jazz solo while developing solid ensemble chops. Intermediate and advanced.
Mondays 7:15 – 8:30 pm, 16 – 75 minute classes $285 (existing SAM students $255)

Intro to Jazz Band with Zach Lange for ages 12 – Adult

Get the basics of playing in tune, in sync and with style and grace by joining this entry level Jazz Band ensemble. Students must have played instruments for at least one year, can read basic music charts and have a strong desire to make good music.
Mondays 6:30 – 7:15 pm, 14 – 45 minute classes $210 (existing SAM students $200)

Play the ukulele, the banjo, celebrate the Roots of Rock and more with Tj Wheeler

Tj Wheeler over the last 45 years has worked with such Blues greats as Bukka White, Furry Lewis, Pinetop Perkins, Lazy Lester, Louisiana Red, & Mighty Sam McClain. He’s also shared billings with BB King, Muddy Waters, the Neville Brothers, Odetta, John Hammond, & Tom Rush. Participate in one of Tj’s workshops for an experience that only Tj Wheeler can deliver.
Spring 2017 schedule TBA

Community Ukulele by Donation Class with Cyndy Carlton

Tuesdays 7:15-8:15

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Serving the seacoast New Hampshire area of Hampton, North Hampton, Exeter and Portsmouth since 2001. SAM is an engaging and inspiring environment for music and voice lessons for students of all ages. Students have numerous opportunities to perform recitals, concerts, festivals, and competitions throughout the year.


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